Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose the name, Dr. Leisure?


Jon Donlon worked as a consultant much of his life, or taught in some leisure area, and has an academic background in Leisure Studies. The “brand” nickname seems both legitimate and useful.


What does the blog central to the website intend to cover?


It will generally be focused on Louisiana, covering: Accommodation, Arts & Entertainment, Culture & Folklore, Film (and by that it includes of course video), Food & Drink, and Travel. It particularly engages from a leisure perspective and is not strictly limited to Louisiana.


How are illustrations for the blog sourced? Does the blog hire freelance illustrators, including photographers?


In general, illustrations by “people” will be tagged with the person’s name, perhaps a date and, if requested, a copyright signet (©).  However, many or most illustrations are “open source” via such providers as Google Image. As a simplification and style decision, categorically no open source images are identified. Please notify Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana if you notice a variance in this policy. At this time, DLL relies on in house illustration, gratis provision of illustrations, or open source material.


Is it possible to suggest events, products, people, places, or things to be potentially “covered” by Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana in the future?


Absolutely! There is a convenient CONTCT US button for that and any other reason one might wish to use it.


Is Dr. Donlon, creator of Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana available for paid speaking engagements or readings from his book or other controversial leisure or tourism development topics?


Yes, “Doctor Leisure” is often but not always able to read from his book, discuss varied areas of controversial leisure, and/or tourism. A speaker’s visit generally involves the fee, travel mileage, and if it’s a long day, daily stipend.


How accurate is the content of Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana?


This website, which is produced pro bono and owned by Tool of Louisiana (“Pick the Right Tool for the Job”) is presented free to the public without any claim or warranty of accuracy or legitimacy.  Such opinions as my from time to time be expressed should be construed other than those of Tool of Louisiana if at all – certainly not anyone mentioned in coverage. All reasonable effort is made by Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana to provide accurate, engaging, informative, and enlightening content.