Shinto shrine
A tiny Shinto Shrine near a Buddhist Temple – happily, this was on one of my typical morning walks. I was able to capture many images of this glade on the edge of a small bamboo clutch.


My name is Jon Griffin Donlon, I’m a Louisiana artist, educator, and scholar. I received my art degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (Ull now) in the seventies and I’ve been active in drawing, painting, photography, writing and related undertaking since then – right now I manage this website.  Currently aside from developing Dr. Leisure’s Louisiana, I’m most fully engaged in photography, one particular suite is my set of images I call: Ad Hoc Gardens of Japan.

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Ad Hoc Gardens of Japan – a Photo Show


Ad Hoc Gardens of Japan

Although informally known as Dr. Leisure, I am a Louisiana artist and scholar.  I received my fine art degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in the seventies. I have been active in draftsmanship, painting, and related undertaking since then, but am currently most fully engaged in photography – and of course working to develop my blog/vlog.  My first important show of fine art photographs upon returning to the USA is a collection of Japanese “ad hoc” gardens. In addition, I published a scholarly study of cock fighting (which I illustrated) just as that infamous sport was becoming illegal.

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Hern, New Orleans, and Japan

Hearn in Japan
Memorial Bust of Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn, great explainer of Japan to the West and well known for his narratives about New Orleans, soulful descriptions of that sultry city on the Big Muddy, said that “in order to comprehend the beauty of a Japanese garden, it is necessary to understand — or at least to learn to understand — the beauty of stones.” Hearn was writing at a time when Japan had only been widely opened to visitors for decades. And Europe and the US was in thrall to a “Japonais” rampage of fashion. Yet few were absorbing the great foundation philosophy underpinning much of the design flowing onto Impressionists canvases from Asia.

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