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Doctor Leisure

Jon Griffin Donlon, author of Bayou Country Bloodsport: The Culture of Cockfighting in Southern Louisiana published by the McFarland, a prestigious academic press, left Louisiana to pursue graduate work at the University of Illinois. He took his Ph.D. there in the Department of Leisure Studies, specializing in controversial leisure and tourism. In the ensuing decades Doctor Leisure worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Near East, the Mediterranean, and the United States – he has recently finished 8 years of teaching in Japan. The author set up a roost in a charming town in north Louisiana, the oldest settlement in the Purchase. From there Doctor Leisure will continue consulting and creating copy, drawings, painting, photography, and video material.  Although most recently he was asked to be a faculty member at a university, what he usually does is cultural analysis & interpretation, perhaps called "thick description." For more information: http://www.donlonconsulting.com/

Doctor Leisure's Louisiana

Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana has several separate, well-articulated goals. The primary goal is to offer amusing and timely leisure related blog & blog content often, but not invariably, linked to the Pelican State.


I’ve sussed out rough but porous categories here including: Accommodation, Arts & Entertainment, Culture & Folklore, Film (I anticipate hosting a “films of Louisiana “silo at some point which might be more like a data base than a blog). And, naturally for our region, Food & Drink.


Decades ago it was wonderful fun to slowly learn the trade of covering these sorts of topics, as a yeoman journalist in various tadpole roles with USL’s The Vermilion. Later I circumnavigated the globe a couple of times and landed with a thud back in the boot state, writing again about arts & entertainment, food and drink.


There is a convenient “Contact Us” button, so suggestions about people, places, or things to cover are welcome.


As a productive and working artist, a second function of the site is explicitly to publicize my own work, dates of shows of my paintings or photography, and provision of liaison for sales of prints with collectors.  My life and business partner and I have both written books, and we co-own a consulting business – there will be a link to the on-line presence of Donlon Consulting. That business website details for potential clients background, services, and opportunities. At some point Doctor Leisure’s Louisiana may provide a web-shopping cart, offering secure on-line purchasing of our several products – books, T-shirts, ball caps whatever the future might bring.


For right now Dr. Leisure relishes the chance to discuss fine art and the stuff of upcoming blogs/vlogs about Louisiana and occasional far flung regions.

Read Doctor Leisure's Louisiana Every Week

Read Doctor Leisure's Louisiana every week (and suggest coverage if you like) for on-going information on Accommodation, Arts & Entertainment, Culture & Folklore, Film, and Food & Drink.